Joshua Roth Quality Bonsai Tools

Celestial Bonsai is a distributor of Joshua Roth Ltd. fine bonsai tools and supplies. We carry a full line of bonsai shears, cutters, pliers, knifes, saws, leaf trimmers, branch benders, tweezers, rakes, bonsai tool kits, bonsai wire, and potting tools and supplies. Our prices are listed below with product names and order numbers. See Joshua Roth Ltd.'s online catalog for product descriptions and illustrations.


150g. Retail Coil $9.50 ea.
2181 1.0mm, 232 ft.
2181.5 1.5mm, 102 ft.
2182 2.0mm, 57 ft.
2182.5 2.5mm, 36 ft.
2183 3.0mm, 25 ft.
2183.5 3.5mm, 18 ft.
2184 4.0mm, 14 ft.
2184.5 4.5mm, 10 ft.
2185 5.0mm, 8.75 ft.
1 Kg. Nursery Coil $47.95 ea.